Missionary Work in Buckley, Washington

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference last weekend!! It was pretty sweet to hear the Prophets and Apostles of the true Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints share messages with power and potential to bless every person willing to hearken to the messages.

This week has been an amazing one to spend as a missionary in the Buckley First Ward. I feel especially touched by importance of sharing the Work of Salvation and the privilege I have to do participate in its sharing as a full-time missionary.

This week I have been blessed to feel great joy from the return of a member of the Ward here to fuller activity in Christ’s Church. Since returning to activity in the Church, this brother’s conversion is manifest in how he can’t help but to share the joy of the Gospel with others. Last night we brought this brother with us to a lesson we were teaching to a family just beginning to investigate the Church; it was an amazing success!! He just wanted to share the Gospel with everyone we saw as we were walking to the appointment. At the family’s door, the father of the family said that he had changed his mind and that he did not want to study the Gospel “with the Mormons.” This newly activated brother bore testimony of the Gospel and of the Book of Mormon. This father’s heart softened and promised to read the Book of Mormon and attend church. I believe that we can all learn from the enthusiasm and faith of this brother from Buckley.

I know that we can all follow the example of this brother and reach out to those around us, without haltering or shrinking in fear of rejection. I know that when we do so, we will see many miracles as members of Christ’s Church. We are so blessed to have the truth of the Gospel and to enjoy the blessings of having living Prophet to guide us. We need to share our testimonies with others!!



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