Goodbye Buckley! Hello May Creek Ward, Renton, Washington!!!

I just got to my new area! I am in the May Creek Ward of the Renton Stake. It is much more of an urban setting. I am sure that I am going to love it in this area.

I’m sure to experience a big culture shock when compared to Buckley, but I’m excited for the new experience. My new companion is Elder Linford from Weber, Utah. We are going to be working real hard and hopefully having great experiences.

I’m really going to miss Buckley and I’m going to miss Elder Garner a lot too, but I know the Lord has some pretty amazing things in store for me. I’ve grown a lot over this past transfer and the Lord has really helped me increase my understanding of patience and charity for the people I’ve been called to serve. I’ve had some really good times here in Buckley and I’m certainly going to miss the people. I’m also going to miss Elder Garner. He has been a great senior companion and he has been a great example of a diligent and hard working missionary. He has really helped me to become more converted to strict obedience and hard work. I just hope that I can keep up these habits in a new area.

I’ve learned some good lessons this week about faith, hope and a positive attitude. This past week has been quite the trial on my patience. Elder Garner and I have been hearing stories about how Buckley used to lead the mission as a missionary ward. It has been described as being a very active and missionary minded ward. Elder Garner and I were trying everything we could think of to develop a better relationship with the ward. We’ve asked for suggestions on how we could do better, offered service, or asked Ward members what the ward thought we could do to cultivate this missionary-minded culture again. All of our efforts seem to fall just a little bit flat. I finally started to realize my role in the problem. I needed an attitude adjustment.

Later in the week I was trying to be more positive and develop greater love and faith. Yesterday, after I found out that I was going to be leaving Buckley, I was praying pretty hard to witness miracles during my last day in Buckley. After studies yesterday, I felt prompted to pack a couple extra copies of the Book of Mormon in my shoulder bag. By the time we got back for lunch two hours later, we had passed out 4 copies of the Book of Mormon, taught about 3 lessons and found a new investigator. Later in the day, we passed out 3 more Books of Mormon and taught a couple additional lessons. I felt very blessed by the Lord to witness this outpouring of the Book of Mormon during my last day in Buckley.

These experiences are building my faith. I’m happy to be a missionary!! I love you all!

Elder Johnson


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